General Notices

STAR Catholic Schools is committed to advising parents, students and our communities about programs and services available in our schools.

Surplus Equipment

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Division has compiled a list of surplus equipment that is available for purchase by the public. You can view a list of all available equipment on the Division’s website at under the News section.

Emergency Preparedness Information

Information for parents regarding emergency preparedness

Municipal Property Taxes

Property Tax letter

Catholic Education 

Catholic Education Confronting Fiction with Facts

Alberta Education Bill 1 

Bill 1-Reduce School Fee’s Information Letter

2017 Alberta Health Services Mumps Alert

Mumps Outbreak Information

Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)

VTRA – Letter of Fair Notice

Alberta Health Services Student Piercing and Tattoo Alert

2015 12 04 Disease Risk from Unconfirmed Student Tattooing and Piercing Operations