Welcome to STAR Catholic Outreach

STAR Catholic Outreach strives to provide our students a Christ-centered Catholic education through a self-directed, alternative delivery approach.  We reach out to those students whose needs may not be met in the more traditional educational model.  Our flexible scheduling, anywhere-anytime learning format, hours of operation, year round calendar and off-campus education programs are all tailored to have the programming fit the student rather than the student fit the program.  This delivery model tends to suit students in the following situations:

  • Those who wish to learn in a more independent manner
  • Are looking to get ahead in their studies
  • Upgrading
  • Experiencing scheduling or peer conflicts
  • Have commitments outside of school with either work or activities

We work to personalize the student’s learning experience within a caring and faith-filled learning community.  Our school follows an independent learning model which means that you – the student – are responsible for setting educational goals for yourself with the assistance of the STAR Outreach staff.  Together, we will develop a time frame for your course work to be completed.